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The Journal

The Journal - August 12

This journal is my personal look into the futuristic-nostalgic era we're living in. I'd like to call it futuristic-nostalgic because we have reached a massive point in technology development where we are able to smell things virtually, yet we are somehow mesmerized by the vague pixelated pictures still. Who can tell if this is our love for abstraction or if we simply miss the era where super Mario jumped on mushrooms, and we had keychain pets?

I think the answer is we aim to create this multidimensional reality with pieces of the past and parts of the future where we drive our virtual cars while dressed in disco pants, drowned in electronic beats, and blushing with glitter. This emerging post-pandemic era has also drawn us into an ocean of vague narratives and distorted reality images. I find this mesmerizing, the wordless non-narrative conversation we can have nowadays, and I find this pixelated virtual-non-high-quality reality to be our meeting spot!

The Journal - August 15-17

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