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Saghi Ehteshamzadeh (b. 1995, Tehran) is a queer interdisciplinary Vancouver-based artist whose practice encompasses cinema, visual art, video art, editing, and directing. With a Bachelor of Cinema Studies from the Art University of Tehran and currently enrolled in the Arts and Entertainment Management Program at Capilano University in North Vancouver, Saghi's diverse artistic background informs their creative endeavors.

Saghi's video art series, 'The Journal,' offers a personal exploration of our futuristic-nostalgic era. The first part of this series earned them the Best Screenlife award at the Small File Festival 2022 in Vancouver. Additionally, they directed 'Haft Khan' (The Seven Labors), a video documentation showcasing the collaboration process for the exhibition "The Story is the History" at Tehran's Teer Art Festival in 2019.

In September 2022, Saghi presented their multi-disciplinary art show, "A Journey Through Scoliosis," at the Penticton Gallery in BC. This exhibition delves into themes of body positivity and overcoming disabilities.

In their most recent unpublished series called ‘My Femininity Grows,’ Saghi makes amends with their femininity after years of detesting it living under the oppression of the regime of Iran. Saghi is deeply committed to utilizing art as a form of activism and raising awareness about the plight of women in Iran. They facilitated a talk in the "Catalyst: Art as Activism" conference at Capilano University in 2022, where they shed light on how art has become an integral part of the ongoing female-led revolution in Iran.

Beyond their artistic pursuits, Saghi has held positions such as Director of International Affairs at the 13th Nahal International Short Film Festival in Tehran and Assistant Manager at E1 Gallery. They have worked as a Gallery Programming Assistant at the Plaskett Gallery in New Westminster and currently hold the position of Exhibitions Manager at North Van Arts.

Through their multifaceted artistic practice, Saghi Ehteshamzadeh explores personal and societal themes, combining their passion for cinema, visual art, video art, editing, and activism to create impactful and thought-provoking works.


A Journey Through Scoliosis

The Journal

Other Creative Projects

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